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Georgina from Home Harmony Care has been caring for my youngest child for over 3 months now.  I was surprise how quickly she took to Georgina to a point where sometimes she cries when she leaves and also happy when she enters the room.

My daughter suffers from cerebral palsy and has cochlear implants to help her to hear, with her medical needs she is required one to one care and supervision always. This is not easy and would be very challenging for some.  As a mother I know my children the best and believe that I am the only one that can care for them 100%.

I know how important and hard it is finding someone to match ones expectation, however I have no second thoughts or doubts with Georgina.

L Burke

The model of support that Home Harmony Care Ltd. has developed for families is truly unique and progressive. Its team-based approach means you always have support and help to cover all eventualities from individuals that your children know and who know your children.

All the staff are rigorously selected, highly competent, reliable, creative and, most importantly, incredibly caring and they really do work as a team. The extra thought that goes in to the service provided is impressive, and communications with families is second to none. Our children couldn’t be happier; and neither could we

J Hammerton

Shelby provides great care, fun and an honest learning to our most precious possessions! If we didn’t trust her, quite simply; she wouldn’t be looking after them.

When our girls are asleep, Shelby is happy to tidy, clean surfaces and prepare food for the children. She never shies away from working hard – after all, she’s been working with 19-month old twins for over half a year every week!

R Simms

Georgina is always smiling, punctual, nothing is too much trouble, and she has developed a fantastic rapport with all 3 children already.

The workload she gets through during the day is phenomenal, and she still has energy at the end of the day to do activities with the children when they get home from school.

N Woodhead

Couldn’t be happier with Ali the girls adore her; we adore her; she’s incredibly kind, caring and attentive.

Overall we really appreciate you all taking the time to do reading etc. with Leila and the care and attention you show both of them.

J Hammerton

The best things about Home Harmony Care would be the flexibility, the friendliness and the trust we have in all the staff. You all really care about the Children you look after.

R Simms