Home Harmony Care provide a range of services to help homes run smoothly. From traditional nannying services to scheduling appointments, our Family Assistants provide help where and when it is needed.

Nanny Services

Every working parent wants the best quality care for their children. Parents need to be certain that their children will be looked after by a trained caring professional;  someone who can adapt to their child’s very individual physical and emotional needs. Just as importantly, they need confidence that their child will take part in stimulating activities that develop young minds.  Home Harmony Care’s premier level service is designed to meet all of these needs. Our flexible, round-the-clock care uses best current practices that satisfy EYFS and National Curriculum requirements. But more than that, we never forget the trust you’re placing in us.

Nanny Services include (as required):

  • Assistance during pregnancy
  • Childcare from newborns to teenagers
  • Activities based on child’s preferences
  • Structured days
  • Time spent in outdoor, natural environments as appropriate
  • Visits
  • Balance of adult-led, child-initiated and free play
  • Emphasis on social play and learning with other children
  • Maintaining memory books for families

Domestic Assistance

Wouldn’t it be great to get home knowing that magically, everything had been done? Imagine evenings and weekends that weren’t gobbled up by chores – and instead, enjoying that time with family and friends (or on your own!).  With the help of our Family Assistants, you can hand over routine domestic tasks to a safe and capable pair of hands. They will keep your home running smoothly, giving you back the space you need to live your life.

Domestic Assistance services include:

  • Washing
  • Ironing
  • Making beds & changing linen
  • Shopping
  • Bulk cooking
  • Daily cleans
  • Deep cleaning & spring cleaning
  • Pet exercise & care

Personal Assistance and Organisation

Managing a career and your home life can be exhausting, so our Family Assistants are trained to step in when you need them. They will help take care of the hundred-and-one extra things that always need thinking about, organising, scheduling. Once you’re not endlessly playing catch-up, you’ll find life feels somehow smoother and more harmonious – and back under your control!

Personal Assistance and Organisation services may include:

  • Meal planning & weekly shopping lists
  • Phone answering & taking messages
  • Arranging medical & school appointments
  • Arranging house & garden maintenance
  • Organising visits
  • Room organisation & tidying
  • Sorting, bundling & selling clothes
  • Celebration planning: gift wrapping, room celebration decorating