Tips on Choosing a Care Provider for your Children

Choosing the right provider for your childcare can be a daunting decision. With so many options, where on earth do you start? We think that there’s one particular approach that will save you time, and maybe some stress. We think the key is thinking clearly about what you want the service to provide. Before you… read more

A Big Thank You..

What a busy week we have had here at Home Harmony Care; it all began with attending a charity event on Sunday, which one of our lovely employees helped organise to raise money for Sue Ryder. With a stand at the event, we managed to meet some great people from the Gloucestershire region, and of… read more

A Step into Spring

So, finally Spring is here, and it’s brought the lovely sunshine with it. This time of year is all about new beginnings and happiness. It’s about bringing the family together, to truly enjoy all of the little things. With a four day weekend (well… for most) it’s the perfect opportunity for that special family time… read more

Trouble getting your little ones to sleep?

From research, we can understand that children who regularly go to bed later than 9pm are almost twice as likely to become obese as teenagers. We also know that sleep deprivation can affect their overall appearance, levels of concentration and their immunity to bugs

Trouble getting your little ones to sleep?thumbnail image

Valentines Day

With Valentines Celebrations having been and gone, we have spent the past week focusing upon what ‘love’ actually means to us… How does love make our lives positive? ‘Valentines Day’ presents itself with the highly commercialised, hyped up expectations, when in reality, it can be so much more than that

Chinese New Year

Having spent the last couple of weeks celebrating Chinese New Year with all of our children, we thought how nice it would be to reflect back over everything that we have done, and to share that with you.

Children love all of the lights, different textures, and smells that truly entice their senses; so, with