About Us

We began Home Harmony Care with a straightforward goal: to provide premier quality home-based assistance to busy families.

We realised at the outset that a traditional nannying service was simply too narrow to meet the needs of modern families. With professional people working longer hours than ever, childcare is only one issue they face. Returning home to a mountain of chores is dispiriting, and robs parents of precious family time. We founded our company to offer a more complete solution. We aim to give you a break from the treadmill, and – as our name suggests – to restore some harmony to your home.

Our working practices

We know that choosing a family assistance service is not a small decision. It’s vital that the organisation and individuals looking after your family and home are caring, competent and trustworthy. Home Harmony Care ensures this through:

  • Careful selection of employees – we don’t employ anyone we haven’t directly spoken to and assessed
  • Thorough staff training that goes well beyond the minimum requirements
  • Communicating clearly and frequently with parents
  • Observing all guidelines and regulations pertaining to childcare
  • Using robust record-keeping and feedback systems

Our team

The people we recruit to our team need to be adaptable, capable and have a  zeal for working with children and families. That’s our start point. Before working with a family, we ensure all members of our team have received comprehensive, relevant training. This is delivered by specialist providers as part of recognised courses. At a minimum, training is provided in safeguarding, child protection and EYFS, as well as 12 hours training in Level 3 Paediatric First Aid. Further training is provided depending on the role required.

Playing and learning together

A key part of our philosophy is to create opportunities for children to interact with each other. Our daily programs are therefore designed so that children meet and play together. Children from different client families are brought together, managed and supervised by their respective Family Assistants. This extra interaction with their peers facilitates social, cognitive and language development, at a crucial stage in their development.

Families in action

Baking, painting, singing, making. Dressing up and getting messy. Making friends and gaining new skills. As our gallery shows, the Home Harmony Care team keep children engaged, learning and having fun.

Our founder

Sophia Fey

Founder Sophia Fey had an early start in the childcare sector: in her teenage years, she had much of the responsibility for raising her own siblings. From her own childhood experiences, Sophia experienced first hand the everyday pressures and worries that families face.

With this understanding, Sophia was offered to opportunity to promote and become the face of Torbay Young Carers Service; Sophia went on to promote Young Carers’ Services, Family Group Conferencing and Advocacy across England; presenting at conferences and running workshops nationwide, Sophia and a collection of other young people, then went on to run their own two-day training conference in Bristol, for which over 150 professionals within the field of Child Protection, attended. Sophia successfully combined her extensive research surrounding child protection issues and the impacts upon children, alongside childrens’ personals accounts and reflections of what happened to them. As a result of this, Sophia was offered the opportunity to speak with multiple MPs, and professors within the Child Protection Field, and successfully secured a place on the Torbay Improvement Board, where she represented children and families.

Alongside her studies, research and continual professional development, Sophia’s working background continued to progress: carrying out roles within Pupil Referral Units and specialist EBD schools, Sophia gained experience working with all ages and abilities. Identifying a need for outdoor based, ‘away from the classroom’ learning, Sophia went on to establish an off site provision for supporting children and families. Successfully building relationships with numerous children and families, the provision was found to be highly successful in meeting the needs of children and their families, as well as in successfully raising childrens’ learning, development and grades within a non-pressured environment. Meeting the demand for numerous children and families within Torbay, since 2013, the provision is still successfully running to this day, and continuing to rapidly grow.

Upon moving to Royal Wootton Bassett, Sophia used her knowledge and understanding of families and children to found her first company: Little Angels Home Help Limited. Proving childcare and other services to a broad clientele, Sophia has developed her philosophy on family care, staffing and business practice- all of which have been carried forward into Home Harmony Care Ltd.