Home Harmony Care: a uniquely flexible service


Remember when work-life balance didn’t sound like a far-fetched theory? When days weren’t simply endless lists of Things That Need Doing?   Home Harmony Care specialises in supporting the home and family lives of professional people. Our service adapts to your family’s requirements, incorporating anything from nannying and domestic help, to assistance with organisation and scheduling. Clients tell us that our uniquely flexible approach is the perfect solution to regain – forgive the cliché – precious ‘quality time’.

About Home Harmony Care

At Home Harmony Care, everything starts with the people. Our Family Assistants are placed in positions of responsibility, and our clients have exacting standards. Selected with care and comprehensively trained, our team are – without exception – adaptable, competent and completely trustworthy.


Address: 38 Clarendon Drive,
Royal Wootton Bassett,